Discover Your Perfect Beard Shape with 50th Avenue Salon in Palmdale

At 50th Avenue Salon we are Palmdale’s number one beard experts. A beard is an everyday accessory that is worn on your face. It is very important that you are comfortable and confident with the beard style that you choose, because you will be wearing it daily! That is why at 50th Avenue Salon, we always do a full consultation with our clients before any beard shaping takes place. We want to know exactly what you want to get out of your beard, and how you imagine wearing it every day so that you leave feeling confident and in control of your beard.


A beard can help accentuate or subdue certain features on your face to make it seem more proportionate. For example, Palmdale clients with round and square faces that tend to be of a wider shape should consider trimming down their sideburns and focusing most of the beard growth and length on their chin. This will help elongate the face and make it look more oval, which is more pleasing to the eye.

Similarly, our Palmdale barbers recommend that clients with large features such as a large nose, eyes and forehead, should consider growing a long thick beard that is voluminous as this can help visually decrease the size of the other features on the face and make them seem more proportionate. On the other hand, clients with small features want to avoid over-growing large beards as this can make those features look even smaller.


Our Palmdale barbers will always ensure that the cheek line of the face is in proportion to the side lines, sideburns and neckline of the face. They are experts at blending these areas of the beard to create a cohesive, even look that is groomed and fashion forward. It is important to get your beard shaped by a professional because they are an extra set of eyes that can ensure everything is even and symmetrical. After your initial beard shaping, your at-home upkeep will be much easier in between touch-ups, as all you will really have to do is just some light trimming. Of course, your personal barber will direct you on how to trim your beard safely and efficiently at home to maximize your results.

Attention to Detail

During your beard shaping appointment, our expert barbers will make sure to keep your head at a neutral position so that they can cut your beard evenly. This is very hard to achieve at home while standing up and trimming your own beard. They are slow, methodical, and have years of experience in men’s grooming. They will not let you down! After your initial beard trim, you are free to upkeep your beard at home in between shapings. This will be much simpler to do once your beard is professionally shaped and trimmed. At 50th Avenue Salon, we are committed to a high standard of quality and attention to detail. We will not stop until the client is 100% satisfied.