Keep Your Hands Healthy and Beautiful with a Manicure from 50th Avenue Salon

It is often the case that appearances form first impressions. When we meet somebody new for the first time, we tend to judge them by their style of dress and level of grooming and cleanliness before we even speak a word. Therefore, personal hygiene and grooming is very important. It is common for people to notice a person’s hands upon meeting them for the first time. It is therefore very important to always keep your hands groomed and your nails well-maintained. A manicure is an easy, affordable and relaxing solution to this problem. Getting a manicure can be very stress-relieving as it involves aspects of touch therapy and massage. 50th Avenue Salon, located in Palmdale, offers high-quality, luxurious salon manicures at an affordable price. Our licensed, qualified manicurists are knowledgeable and experienced in many styles of manicures including French, gel, acrylic, shellac and more.

Benefits of Incorporating a Manicure Into Your Beauty Regime:

Incorporating a manicure into your beauty care regime is a great way for both men and women to keep their hands and nails looking healthy, clean and well-maintained. Some benefits of a manicure include:

Slows down aging

Manicures help slow down the aging process by providing the necessary exfoliation, hydration and stimulation to the skin on the hands and nails. Our hands are some of the most used parts of our body, and they are often overlooked. Our Palmdale manicurists are meticulous in their attention to detail. They will make sure that every part of your hand is perfectly pampered and groomed. They will ensure that all of the dead skin that is keeping your hands from glowing is removed so that beautiful youthful skin can come through!

Stimulates nail growth

Getting a regular manicure will encourage your nails to grow longer faster! The stimulation that your nail beds recieve when the dead skin is removed encourages them to become healthier and grow out faster, so you will have those long beautiful nails that you always dreamed of faster than you can say manicure!

Strengthens nails

When our experienced Palmdale manicurists moisturize and hydrate your hands and nails, it stimulates blood flow to the area and causes your nails to grow stronger. You will experience less breakage, chipping and painful hangnails that can be an eyesore and an inconvenience.

Relieves stress

Our Palmdale manicurists always include a soothing hand and nail massage with your manicure treatment. This is highly stress relieving as touch therapy and massage have been proven to reduce cortisol levels in the brain and encourage relaxation.

It is evident that treating yourself to a manicure is beneficial in many ways beyond just getting your nails done. With all of the benefits to your skin and overall mood, it is no wonder why manicures are one of our most popular services. Come and experience the benefits for yourself! Call us today to schedule an appointment and start enjoying your beautiful, long healthy nails today.