Enjoy a Pedicure From Quartz Hill’s Talented Spa Specialists

Benefits of Pedicures

Other than being a very relaxing and cosmetically beneficial experience, pedicures are known to have many health benefits. Pedicures can be therapeutic and are often done for the prevention of uncomfortable medical problems that occur with the feet and toenails. Our Quartz Hill estheticians are licensed and experienced pedicurists. They always make sure to bring up any problems that they see as an effective mode of prevention and treatment. This helps in the identification and treatment of common foot problems such as fungus, infections, bunions and corns.

The following are some common benefits that go hand-in-hand with enjoying a pedicure:

Reduce the risk of fungus and infection

Our Quartz Hill pedicurists will always address any fungus or infection that they notice on the skin or toenail. Enjoying a regular weekly or monthly pedicure will help keep infections and fungus at bay by having an expert keep a close eye on the skin around the nail and foot. Our Quartz Hill pedicurists will clean any dirt and bacteria that is present on your foot, preventing foot odour, disorders and diseases. Furthermore, if your toenails are kept to a healthy length and shape, you reduce your risk of toenail injury and trauma.

Promote stress relief

Our Quartz Hill estheticians always include a soothing massage for your feet and legs which helps promote relaxation and stress reduction. The aromatherapeutic oils and lotions that we use are always free of harsh chemicals and work to preserve moisture in the feet. Our estheticians will massage your feet in a way that helps reduce tension and stiffness.

Help prevent infections

Without regular moisture, the skin on your feet can be prone to crack which often invites unwanted infections and fungus. If you are not regularly moisturizing your feet at home, a spa pedicure is a great way to give your feet the moisture they need. Our Quartz Hill estheticians always make sure to use the most beneficial moisturizing products on your skin. We always use products that are free of harsh chemicals and that won’t strip your skin of it’s natural moisture.

Prevent ingrown toenails

Painful ingrown toenails can be easily avoided by having one of our licensed estheticians trim them in a preventative way.

Prevent the growth of calluses.

Calluses are the unsightly patches of dry skin formed at the bottom of your feet from the friction your foot experiences by walking and running. A callus is your body’s way of protecting itself. It toughens the skin around the area experiencing most friction as a way to protect that area. Calluses can be prevented by incorporating a pedicure into your foot care regime. Our estheticians always make sure to carefully exfoliate and moisturize any calluses they notice.

Enjoy a pedicure from one of our specialists and choose from an array of colors and styles that suit you. Call our Quartz Hill salon today!